Letters Introduction

When I was younger I decided to write myself a few letters that I could open and read at a later date.  I have never really enjoyed the idea of writing something in a journal.  I was afraid that someone would read it and judge me for my private inner thoughts.  As I have gotten older I have found peace with my most wonderful and dark parts.  If it wasn’t for the life events of these last three years this blog would not be possible.

Though I am broadcasting my thoughts and feelings to the inter-webs for everyone to see, I am actually a very private person.  I love people, but I believe that there are certain things that we should not share with others.  These things that we do not share are the elements of friendship that are given to those who earn it.

My inspiration to write this blog is to challenge myself and to hopefully guide others to the oasis of wisdom and inner peace.  With that said I am no wiser than anyone else, to make that claim would be a clear indication that I lack wisdom, for no person can truly know the wisdom of another.

If you would like to see who I was just some years ago, feel free to check back tomorrow.

It was wonderful connecting with you and I hope you have an incredible day.

Shawn White