CLEAVE and the future of education

What do I want to see happen with the CLEAVE project?  In the long run I would like to see it become an alternative option for college.  I would like for it to open doorways, to show others that there is a different way to learn and for it to ignite the creative fire in the heart of the community.

When I was young my creative potential was never cultivated.  I had no mentor, there was no one in my life to serve as my guide. I had to stumble along the path of expression.  As a child loved to draw, write and play role-playing games. These activities were described as a waste of time by my father and my mother was never interested in anything I wanted to show her.  The most encouragement I received from my mother was posthumously in a letter.

In its current manifestation and in the future of CLEAVE I would like for the organization to become a creative community.  One where the members cultivate the creative talent in everyone.  I would like for it to provide guides and mentors, especially for those individuals whose family’s discourage the exploration of the arts.