I remember the first thing that I said to you, and it was the conversation that stuck us like glue. Think back to a day, when everything was a different way, and delight on the words that brought you the bones, berries, and jellies, and even some scones.

If it were a colder month I could say for show, that you and I could’ve pranced in the snow. But as it is today, I will surely say, that there was something else I needed to let you know.

Tacos, berries, and jellies and bellies, these are all my most favorite flavies; and when its cold, its like a witch’s sack, and when its warm its like a hot sweltering cat.

But now it is time for me to repeat those words, that I surely did share, so now you can remember why it is that you still care.

Hello miss lady, don’t make it a maybe. I have a cat named Mouse over at my house. He is covered with fur, and sometimes says gurr, and would love to show off his purr.

I even have a roommate who likes to sleep late. Her name is Sadie, she likes to eat potatoes, and she smells like tomatoes, and sometimes likes to be treated like a lady;

She has a brown puppy that she named Yuppy, and she once fed it a green bean grape.

So for my heart’s sake, pretty lady, when did you want to come over today?

I need to know, so I can go to the stow and buy a bag of rye and a big ol pie.
Tell me now so I do not cry. Lovely lady, when shall I see you today?

Cause i wanted you to know, we could play with clay, or even jump in the hay, maybe, perhaps even drink with the fae.

So beautiful lady, if you come over today, we could dance through the month of may. And at the end we could say, we are now super best friends today.


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